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Welcome to Googly-Eyed Computer!

Hello there, and welcome to Googly-Eyed Computer! I invite you to join me in exploring where creativity and technology intersect. We will explore topics, including programming, game design, writing, worldbuilding and music production. What makes them tick, and how to create within them.

Even though these topics are my main passions, I will not limit myself to those. I will diverge into other topics, if something else is occupying my mind. Be it philosophy, psychology, science, living with mental disorders, or even current events.

Why I am Writing This Blog

I have always had a lot of thoughts about a lot of things. It would be sad to let them fester in my mind. This is a place where I can collect those thoughts, as well as practice communicating them to others. In the end, this blog is here for me. Despite that, I hope for these thoughts to reach like-minded people. Or even broaden others’ horizons.

Another big motivator for this blog, is to encourage neurodivergent people. I want to normalize expressing our ideas and thoughts to the world. Our thoughts are so often shut down or ignored by the public because they can be quite nonconforming. But our different ways of thinking are valuable. I believe that the best way to understand the world is through a diverse set of perspectives.

Who I am

Desktop View My name is Oliver Birkekær Vejen , a storyteller from Denmark. My journey into creativity began with inventing fantasy worlds for friends. This childhood passion has grown into a deep love for world-building and storytelling.

Technology has also always been interesting to me. Video games caught my interest at a young age, when I got my Game Boy Color at the ripe age of 3. Some years later, I came to a conclusion. I wanted to make video games when I grew up. This interest has also evolved. I now work in the games’ industry and have done so for a handful of years. Apart from that, I am an avid and curious programmer, as well as a passionate game designer.

Music. The last of my obsessions. Music has always been important to me. Luckily my parents encouraged me to explore music from a young age. It was never with much force, as I loved learning. I am now an advanced producer and sound designer. My focus in music has always been more about texture, timbre and rhythm, than melody and lyricism.

I have ADHD, and I got diagnosed with autism as an adult. I am still learning what those things mean to my day-to-day life. It can be a struggle sometimes, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. The negatives come with positives. For example, ADHD is part of what has given me an aptness for abstract thinking and idea generation. Whereas Autism helps me dive deeper into, criticize and improve these ideas. Though, this paradoxical split of impulsivity and need for order is also a cause of much struggle in my day to day.

Less important, but still notable enough to mention. I have three degrees. This has taught me a lot about being a good programmer. Apart from that, the last two educations focused on teaching through game development. This gave me a lot of experience with game design and development.

  • web integration.
  • AP in computer science.
  • business bachelor’s in software development.

After getting done educating myself in 2019, I have been working in the games’ industry. I have worked with both gameplay and tool programming.

Thanks for Reading

I hope that you will join me in exploring the world of art and tech. Get in the comments, tell me your thoughts. I look forward to learning with you!

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